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    Profile music is a feature which has been added to the DiaShard forums.
    Profile music will automatically play when you visit someone's profile if they have setup profile music.

    Managing Profile Music
    If you wish to pause or check the profile music once you visit a profile, you can do so by using the YouTube video block in the bottom left corner in the user's sidebar.


    Setting Up Profile Music
    If you wish to set up profile music, you should go to your account menu, and click on "Personal Details".

    You should then use this field on the personal details page to add the music to your profile:

    Save your details and then your music will be set up.
    Please note:
    • This is only to be used for music, and not things like loud noises, jumpscares or anything intended to troll.
    • Abusing this feature in any way will result in a moderator indefinitely taking away your permission to use it.
    • If you see someone abusing this feature, you can report their profile using the "Report" link. Write into the report why you are reporting them and a moderator will deal with it. [​IMG]

    Opting Out of Profile Music
    If you do not wish to hear or use profile music whatsoever, you can opt out of the feature by clicking the "Join User Groups" option on this list:

    And then you need to join this group:

    And you will no longer hear or be able to set your own profile music.
    You can opt back into profile music at any time by leaving the group through the same method.

    The DiaShard Team.
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